Collection: Mille'900

Mille'900 by Atelier Bardelli hand painted ceramic tiles.

Hand-made floral decorated tiles in 18 different colour variants - glossy finishing (Bianco Extra), matchable with “Colore&Colore” collection. The glossy black version and the precious mat gold and mat platinum finishings (Bianco L.111) complete these series. The Mille'900 collection has been enriched by a "passe-partout" (M913) realized in sizes 20x20 cm and 3x20 cm.



A flower is the ultimate expression of the splendour of nature, the purest incarnation of its delicacy and fragility, the infinite care required to cultivate its beauty. The same skilful gestures of the gardener guide the brushstrokes of the craftsman who brings the stems, leaves and blooms to life here. The sponged effect; the background which flutters from white to a myriad of colours; and the borders, occasionally embellished by gold and platinum, make this collection a classic homage to a century that opened with a true triumph of floral style. The century which has just drawn to a close and which is receding in our memory so quickly that it resembles cut flowers pressed to dry between the pages of a book, and found years later with wonder and surprise.

Catalogue Collection: Mille'900

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Mille'900 - Atelier Bardelli